Mala Hanoj is a story about Chung and Nguyet, two girls from Vietnam, who came to exotic Czech Republic for wealth and luck.

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Once the small village Dubi near German- Czech border was buzzing. Vietnamese traders sold garden gnomes, cigarettes and cheap Schnaps to German tourists. Tourists Small

The big trading places along the road where almost like a small city of their own. The Vietnamese sellers had there everything they needed: work, friends and Karaoke.

Chung  (Lida) came from Vietnam to Czech Republic when she was 12. Her 2 years older friend Nguyet (Miluska) Chung at the market Smallmoved to Czechia in the same year. Both came without their parents but they got a Czech grandmother who taught the children how to speak, act  and eat in exotic Czech republic. After some months in a Czech school they started working at the market place. But the economic base of this street trade was put into question after a new motor highway was opened. Travellers stopped to pass by and the economic crisis and EU enlargement made the situation worse. For the Vietnamese traders a time of reorientation began. Chung Vietnamese Wedding Preparations Smalland Nguyet where young adults now, about to start a family and now beeing forced to reconsider where they belong and which way to turn. The film documents the steps that the friends Chung and Nguyet undertake in order to create a new perspective for themselves. Their live is a roller coaster of chancing it with a casino, massage lounge, original Czech tavern, 24/7 grocery and getting adult. Over the course of 7 years “Mala Hanoj” follows the protagonists, giving a never before seen insight on the culture of the Vietnamese migrants in post-communist countries in Europe and its different facets.