Soon you can get an insight about how the film was madeResearch Small with the first reseach dating back to early 2005.

Learn how we were searching for protagonists, how the team scouted locations in the midst of an industrial wasteland or what it takes to create an idyllic spring scene in winter.

Watch the creation of the soundtrack, the shooting of the Karaoke videos or follow the make up preparations for a Vietnamese wedding.

Location Seaching 2 Small

Planting Flowers Small


Director: Martina Saková

Idea: Martina Saková & Martin Kleinmichel

Music & Sound Design: Martin Kleinmichel

DOP: Ines Thomsen

Editing: Brano Gotthardt

Animation: Martina Saková & Richard Sako

Color grading: Peter Csordas

Dramatic advisors: Martin Marecek & Sülke Schulz



Martina Saková & Martin Kleinmichel /Projector23 KG, Germany

Tereza Polachová & Ondrej Zach /HBO Europe

Zuzana Chadimová & Brano Chlpik /FilmFrame,  Slovakia