Little Hanoi is an intimate long term documentary about two young Vietnamese girls who struggle for a perspective for themselves in exotic Czech Republic.


Chung and her friend Nguyet came from Vietnam to Czech Republic without their parents when they were 12. Helpful Czech grandmothers introduced them to the secrets of Czech language and cuisine, but soon their life revolved around a big trading place near the German-Czech border. Working in their small shed from morning to night, they had everything: work, friends and karaoke. Economic crisis and the opening of a new superhighway destroyed this fragile microcosm. For the Vietnamese traders a time of reorientation began, forcing them to reconsider once again, where they belong and which way to turn. Their live became a roller coaster of chancing it with a casino, massage lounge, original Czech tavern, 24hours grocery and getting adult and mothers. By accompanying the protagonists over 7 years we win an insight on the culture of the Vietnamese migrants in post-communist countries in Europe and its different facets.




















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